A Beneficial Method For Managing Varicose Veins

Patients that suffer due to varicose veins review treatment options frequently. Cosmetic surgeons provide them with fast answers about these concerns. This includes a full account of the latest treatment strategies for these veins. Venaseal is the newest treatment choice for varicose veins.

What to Expect Before Your Procedure

Before the procedure, the clinician performs an ultrasound of the affected leg. The image presents the clinician with information about the vein. This includes how diseased it is and the best opportunities for planning out the treatment. This eliminates common errors and prevents issues after the procedure is performed.


How is the Procedure Performed?

During the procedure, the clinician injects a medical glue into the vein through a catheter. The polymer presents the most effective option to make the vein stick together. This forces all blood out of it and into other veins. The glue causes the vein to shut down completely.

The needle may cause some stinging at first. However, the incision site will become numb quickly. As the polymer is injected into the vein, the patient may experience light pressure. It is administered in smaller quantities until it is delivered throughout the vein. Clinicians often use an ultrasound to perform the procedure through guided measures. Once the procedure is completed, the doctor places a bandage on the incision site.

After Care for This Procedure

The clinician has the patient transferred to the recovery area after the procedure. They manage the patient’s pain if any is experienced. The clinician explains all restrictions following the procedure as well. In most cases, the patient must avoid strenuous exercise for at least two weeks after the procedure. This prevents the incision site from opening and reduces the onset of complications.

What are the Risks Associated with the Procedure?

The possible risks associated with the procedure are an allergic reaction to the polymer. The patient may develop a fistula, bleeding from the incision site, hematoma, and infections. They may also experience pain or discomfort. Visible scarring is also possible. In rare cases, the patient may experience a stroke or vascular rupture or perforation. The patient should report any of these conditions to their clinician.

Patients that develop varicose veins may experience pain and discomfort when the veins become large. This condition is most commonly associated with individuals who stand or sit for long durations. Patients who wish to acquire Venaseal Vein Treatment should schedule a consultation now.


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